After 15 years in clinical practice it became more and more challenging and finally impossible for me to separate mind and body which led me to this journey of life coaching.

From the word go the moulding begins. We are programmed by our families, community, culture, school, work environment and life experiences, that there comes a point in life where something makes us stop and go WHAT is really going on here, WHO AM I and WHY is life not working for me. This could come in the form of a failed relationship or lack thereof, a health problem, work changes or just waking up each morning feeling that there must be more to life than this. Surely this isn’t it…

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When we start to break things down, we see that subconsciously we hold deep core beliefs which dictate our thoughts and ultimately filter through to our emotions. It’s at this level that we suddenly go…I don’t like how this FEELS…usually it’s the body saying I’m tired all the time or achy and unwell, or it’s that job that just doesn’t make you feel the way you would like to feel driving to work or the constant stress of life that just feels too overwhelming. At times life just starts splitting at the seams.

Where has the love, joy, peace and fun gone?

By the nature of my physiotherapy training my interests are in health and wellbeing but life isn’t in segmented boxes so as our health fails us, we feel the financial stress of keeping up with the bills, our interpersonal relationships begin to challenge us, we cannot do what we love as the body no longer allows it, so my life coaching programs incorporate achieving balance in all aspects of life and working to achieve the life that makes us feel alive.

With conscious understanding of who we are, we can allow the choice for change and a better understanding of our lives, relationships and health.

In my individual life coaching programs we spend time setting goals, identifying the limitations we subconsciously hold in to achieving these goals, how to start to let go of these limitations and limiting core beliefs and start to set the energy in motion to create the life you wish to live. I use various tools including Negative Emotional Therapy TM, Inner Conflict Therapy TM and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) amongst others.


My workshops are small intimate groups where we delve into various topics and develop a basis of understanding of how these affect our lives, while providing you with tools and strategies to do the DOING WORD of letting go of what no longer serves or sustains you.

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“As a 62yr old women, I have tried so hard for so many DECADES to sort out my issues of Lack of Self Confidence, not feeling Good Enough, Fear of rejection, Fear,  just Fear, FEAR!! Jealousy, Anxiety……swimming in a whirlpool of negative emotions, treading water most of the time and drowning the rest of the time! This process has been an absolutely LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE for me.”
“Your guidance enabled me to see and understand facets of myself that I have been struggling with and then utilise this clarity to move on. I feel so much more empowered when dealing in business, I feel so much more congruent in myself and in dealing with all relationships. The TRUST I felt in you, enabled me to let go. Your total acceptance and lack of judgement allowed me to be free to process so much. THANK YOU!!
“This is a tough internal exploration process, but one I highly recommend to anyone who wants to transform their lives into a life of peace, harmony and joy”
“a deep realisation of all that has kept me from growing….”