Women’s health and pelvic physiotherapists play a vital role in pre and post operative care. As with many other musculoskeletal conditions, the pre operative condition of any muscle and timely post operative rehabilitation dictates the success of many surgical procedures.

With regards to pelvic floor surgery, the surgical procedure corrects the anatomical abnormality, physiotherapy corrects the functional abnormality. The combination of good anatomical positioning as well as optimal functioning enhances patient outcomes post operatively and ultimately preventing the need for repeated corrective procedures.

Assessment of pelvic floor functioning may be indicated in some of the following procedures:

  • Any prolapse surgery
  • Any incontinence surgery
  • Any pelvic floor repairs
  • Surgery for haemorrhoids or anal fissures

Assessment would include pelvic floor function, bladder, bowel, sexual functioning, scar tissue mobilisation as well as any associated concerns. Constipation and poor toileting can adversely affect any pelvic floor surgery.

This includes any breast reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Breast surgery may be followed by:

  • Pain and /or loss of range of motion of the neck, shoulders or upper limbs
  • Scar tissue
  • Lymphoedema

Physiotherapy aims to limit and treat scar tissue post abdominal surgery, retrain core stabilisers and regain good function.